Sitemap - 2022 - The Emergency Management Network

2023 Quarterly Reading List

Emergency Managers are not the “Switzerland” of Disasters

2022 The Year of Resilience

We Wish You All a Happy Holiday and a Very Merry Christmas

What Emergency Managers Wish They Knew Earlier

The Holiday Special 2022

Lessons of Resiliency From Theodore Roosevelt

Building Resiliency One Community at a Time

Exploring Incident Management Technology

Shrink the Pink Slice – Volcanic Ash

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Making A Difference In Your Profession_ Don’t Look for Meaning, Make It Happen

Special Webinar: Exploring Incident Management Technology

The Emergency Management Network Turns One

Addressing the Challenges of Mass Care

Live From IAEM

Have Less Meetings and Get More Done

Start With Why

The Books Every Leader Needs to Read

Time, Distance, and Shielding

The Need for Unified Command at the U.S Capitol

The Servant Leader Part 3

Leading a High-Performance Team NASCAR Style

Moving Followers to Leaders

Lessons Learned During Target Hazard IQ Project - Mark Gillan

all disasters are local, until they aren't

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Lessons in Followership Make You a Better Leader

Why Incident Management Teams Work for Major Planned Events

The Cafe Talk

What is a leader?

What is a Leader?

Halloween: Threats and Hazards

Managing Large-Scale Events Super Bowl LVI

Disposable City

Using Incident Management Teams to Plan for and Respond to Crisis

Traditional Leaders vs Servant Leadership

STRENGTH ANALYSIS-Collaboration: European Union Civil Protection for Emergency Management

The not-so empty threat of an EMP: What Emergency Management needs to convey

Your thoughts on Unified Command at the U.S. Capitol Complex: Should it include both the military and DC Metro?

Hello Emergency Management Network friends — Introducing The Center for Emergency Management Intelligence Research

The Impact of Disasters on Women

Emergency Management Leaders Must Plan For The Russian Use of Nuclear Weapons

How the costs of disasters like Hurricane Ian are calculated – and why it takes so long to add them up

Steps You Need To Create a Process for Crisis Management

Declaring Homelessness An Emergency

Law Enforcement and the Incident Command System: Consider Cultural Bias Issues

The Intersection of Emergency Management and Politics

Have You Thought of Your 60-second Items?

Hurricane Ian capped 2 weeks of extreme storms around the globe: Here’s what’s known about how climate change fuels tropical cyclones

Do You Want to Be a Better Emergency Manager? Sharpen the Saw

Why Reading Matters For Leaders/ Hurricane Ian update

How Do We Take Emergency Management Seriously If We Do Not Support Research?

Leader's Live!

Leading In an Toxic Environment

The Great ShakeOut Why You Need To Participate

The Great ShakeOut: How to get your organization involved

Thought Leadership; More Than an Opinion

Climb and Lift: EMPower and Building Confidence as a Woman Public Speaker in the Emergency Management Field

Mindfulness for Warriors

September 11 Changed Emergency Management

Exploring The Deadly Rise of Injury and Disaster

Celebrating National Preparedness Month The Duty of Care in the Age of Disasters

Why Leaders Matter

Making A Difference Made Simple

Celebrating Leadership During National Preparedness Month

Applying Design Thinking to Emergency Management?

Five Days at Memorial on Apple TV

The Use of NGO's In The DIsaster Space


the cavalry ain't comin'

Ask Us Anything!

What is Leadership

Introduction to The Leader's Cafe

Climb and Lift: Women In EM Consulting

Polio Monkeypox and COVID Test NYC Hospitals

Cross-Agency Collaboration

FEMA Warns Emergency Alert System Has a Critical Flaw

Sister in a Brotherhood

Building A Culture of Preparedness

Get Inspiration Attend A Summit

Getting to Yes

Emergency Management Summit

The 2022 Emergency Management Leadership Summit

The Impact of Summer Heat Waves


Problem Solving Mat- Teaching Kids Today to Communicate

Climb and Lift: Developing Emergency Management Youth Programs

How Unstable Is The Electrical Grid?

Theory-N2-Practice w/Daniel Scott

Exploring Intelligent Risk

How Do We Turn Complex Problems Into Simple Ones?

Understanding The Role Consultants Play in EM

Simple and Cost Effective Solution for Compliance with Hotel Safety Laws

Happy Independence Day

Developing Leadership Teams

Disaster by Choice

Bayes’ Theorem Applying It To Emergency Management

Climate Induced Relocation: Where Will People Go?

School Shootings and Emergency Management

Navigating Disaster Politics

Our Next Generation of Emergency Managers

Crisis Preparedness and Response:

The Shrinking Humanitarian Space

Creating a Personal Development Plan

The Speed to Scale Challenge

Leading Resilient & Robust Communities

Disaster Economics, Do We Have The Will To Change?

What Disaster Recovery Teaches Us

Commander's Intent: Why EM Should Embrace it

Making Decisions When Your Life Depends On It

Servant Leader's Manifesto & When Your Life Depends on It

The New Food Crisis Looming

Do You know You Are In The Water?

New York City resident tested positive for Monkeypox

Your Emergency Management Team Has a Strategy Whether You Like It or Not

Climb and Lift: Emergency Management as a Second Career

Interesting TDEM News

The Weekly Round-Up May 9-15

Ask Todd, Explore Insightful and Humble Answers to Life's Questions

Insights into the Emergency Management Hiring Process

Weekly Round-Up

Planning Practitioner Program

IAEM and NYU Team up to Assess DAFN Planning Nationally

Important Skills for Entry Level Emergency Managers

The Weekly Round Up

Bonus Read

Leaning Forward Human-Centered Crisis Management

One Second After

Climate Resilience Can Elevate The Emergency Management Field

Weekly Round Up

Weekly Wrap Up (Audio)

The Todd DeVoe Show On Bullhorn

Climb and Lift_ History of Higher Education Program at FEMA, in the US, Worldwide

Weekly Round Up

Leadership lessons from the Gettysburg Battlefield

Weekly Wrap Up April 4-9 2022

Tools that help you through life's toughest times

Weekly Wrap Up

Leading Through Disasters Through Planning

Think Again

Weekly Round Up

Lessons in Leadership From Special Forces to the Boardroom

Weekly Wrap Up

The Procurement Process for Emergency Management

Breaking The Glass Ceiling as The First Gay President of IAEM

The Servant Warrior Leader: Learning to Lead With EQ

Climate Resilience and Adaptation: Why Emergency Managers Should Care

Do Emergency Managers Need a College Degree?

The Procurement Process for Emergency Management

Breaking The Glass Ceiling as The First Gay President of IAEM

The Weekly Round-Up

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin's Ukraine

The Servant Warrior Leader: Learning to Lead With EQ

Climate Resilience and Adaptation:

Climate Resilience and Adaptation_ Why Emergency Managers Should Care

Weekly Round-Up

Climate Resilience and Adaptation: Why Emergency Managers Should Care

Rodrigo Nieto-Gomez – Singularity University and The Future

Introducing The Todd DeVoe Show

Don't worry

The Weekly Round-Up

Introducing The Todd DeVoe Show

Welcome To The Todd DeVoe Show

Exploring the Best Ideas And Lessons For Leaders

Angry Weather

The Weekly Round-Up 02/19/2022

Harnessing Climate Change Data for Better Decision Making

Walking the Walk

Preparing for infrastructure compromise

Are you your own worst enemy?

The Focus to Say No

Opening Salvo

Socratic Paradox In Emergency Management

Readings That Will Enhance Your Leadership and Emergency Management skills

The Health Committee Meeting

Can We Repair Declining Social Trust


The Key to Successful Leadership

Journaling Toward Happiness