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Todd T. DeVoe
Each Week Todd shares the Emergency Management Network's Weekly Round-up
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Hear from the widest range of voices in Private, Non-Profit, and Public Service Leadership. Every week, join Todd DeVoe, as he explores leadership challenges, ideas, and principles with thought leaders,  thinkers, writers, policymakers, and those that make things happen. 


Today, we are looking for a trusted voice to help process our thoughts and make sense of what is happening in our fast-paced world. As crises arise worldwide, disasters are becoming more destructive, supply chains are breaking, and climate change has exposed a vulnerability to increasingly complex impacts on the world economy and quality of life. The old way of doing things just is not working. Now Todd DeVoe is leveraging his network of thought leaders, thinkers, and doers worldwide to bring you answers to your questions. 

Todd is changing the world in meaningful ways and engaging others to join his effort in improving the profession of emergency management. The Todd DeVoe Show opens new ways of thinking and creates a blueprint for others to follow. Todd is not making minor tweaks around the edges, but instead,  he is creating a foundation for others to build on.