Introduction to The Leader's Cafe

Hosted By Todd DeVoe and Dan Scott

Todd De Voe: Good morning. Good morning. Good afternoon. Depending on where you are at in this fine world. My name is Todd DeVoe.

Dan Scott: I'm Dan Scott, 

Todd De Voe: we are here to introduce to you our new concept and podcast, the leader’s cafe. Dan, are you excited about this venture? 

Dan Scott: Oh I'm very excited about it. I think we're gonna do some great things. I think we could actually start a whole new drive and challenge to individuals to not only better themselves as leaders, but to support the leaders that, that they're surrounded 

Todd De Voe: by. So what are your goals and objectives? I should say our goals and objectives for the leaders' cafe. I know we talked about this and I'm excited about it. 

Dan Scott: Ultimately is to provide a place for leaders to come to find collaboration, networking partnerships, and a common personal and professional growth in not only themselves but others. It's a place for us to come to develop trust, and influence and help build the profession or the overall industry in which you reside.

Todd De Voe: As I like to say, I wanna open the windows, open the doors and kick in the walls and bring leadership professionals from around the world to sit down and discuss how we can make ourselves better leaders for our organizations, better leaders to lead individuals and better leaders to lead ourselves.

Dan Scott: And this is one way that we can do that. We can break down silos, we can build up communities and we can build partnerships and just strengthen ourselves and the industries. 

Todd De Voe: Overall, Dan, I'm so excited to be partnering with you again on producing some great content for emergency managers and leaders from around the world.

Todd De Voe: And again, thank you for being my friend. And I'm looking forward to this venture.

Dan Scott: I am too. I'm looking forward to all those who are gonna join us in this endeavor. And as we go on this journey to not only develop ourselves but to develop others, 

Todd De Voe: one more thing, Dan, what are we doing once a month? 

Dan Scott: We'll actually be going live. And we'll be doing a conference call video call where people can actually join and have conversations with Q and A and actually help them collaborate together. 

Todd De Voe: Outstanding. So remember, subscribe and become a paid member of the Emergency Manager Network.

Todd De Voe: And you also get to get into the monthly video calls. And you get to talk to Dan. So Dan, until next time, I hope everybody stays safe. Hope y'all stay hydrated and take care.