Oct 31 • 59M

What is a leader?

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Todd T. DeVoe
This podcast features strategies and advice from today’s leaders and experts in emergency management. Its purpose is to empower and enrich current and future leaders.
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When you think about great leaders, who comes to mind?

Impactful figures like George Washington and Martin Luther King Jr., or perhaps Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy, might come to mind.

But defining what truly marks these historic icons as good leaders proves a bit more challenging. Was it simply their position that made them good leaders, or was it something more?

While we’ve all experienced leadership in our lives, we are rarely asked to define “what is a leader.” Answers vary from organizations, individuals, and situations, making leadership qualities even more elusive to pinpoint.

What do you think about the next step in your career? This conversation explores the definition and qualities of leadership, how it differs from management, and tips for becoming a better leader.

I had the privilege of sitting with Jacki Koci Tamayo, an emerging leader in the emergency management space, and Brian Colburn, a leading podcast producer.