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Our dependency on electricity - critically during disasters - is a fatal flaw, especially on islands (also reference Puerto Rico during Hurricane Maria in 2017). I wrote a piece on it for Medium, which I will share with EMN subscribers for free: https://bartondunant.medium.com/are-we-overly-dependent-on-electricity-especially-during-disasters-1b6f293a5a3a?source=friends_link&sk=b328e2b846597ad4a7068e7aa05cec20

Also of note for Maui is the impacts to healthcare - including dialysis centers which require both electricity and fresh water (and as you noted, the freshwater supply is pumped via electricity). There's an NGO called "Healthcare Ready" which is collecting, monitoring, and reporting OSINT related to ESF#8 - Public Health concerns. Here's a link to their first SitRep:


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